At the start of HUIS19 the official organisation Toerisme Vlaanderen needs to rate the place before any guests can enjoy the place.

Toerisme Vlaanderen did not hesitate to give us 4 STARS (⭐⭐⭐⭐) for the beautiful place we have created.

Thank you ‘Toerisme Vlaanderen’!


We are proud to be nominated for the Belgian Timber Construction Awards as HUIS19, holiday home with 4 stars recognition by Vakantie Vlaanderen. Every four years these awards are presented in different categories. HUIS19 received the nomination in the category “extensions to existing buildings”.

This is quite an honour, because the Belgian Timber Construction Awards is a national wood architecture prize of distinction. The awards aim to highlight the potential of wood as a construction material and function as a showcase for qualitative Belgian wood architecture.

Architects: Nero architects (

Meanwhile the winner is made public: Atelier Vens Vanbelle is the deserved winner with their special approach of the guesthouse that looks like a wooden cave with super lines going from desk to bookshelf…. Congratulations Atelier Vens Vanbelle!

Extra images of HUIS19 as presented in the video.


(Festival of Architecture)

There is something for everyone during the F/a (Festival of Architecture). From Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 October Ostend is our base. During (architecture) walks, workshops, performances, chats and much more we challenge you to look at your surroundings in a different way. Many activities are tailored to families. On Sunday, October 17, you’re invited to come to Flanders and Brussels for Architecture Day. You will then have the opportunity to walk inside special buildings and design offices that you can often only see from the outside.

Also HUIS19 was asked to participate in the F/a. Although the F/a will be held in Ostend this year (after successful editions in Antwerp and Ghent), the organisation wanted us on board to allow the visitors to get to know HUIS19 as well.

I will give the guided tour and try to answer everyone’s questions.

You can find all the info on F/a.
(info is not complete yet, more will follow)